Another Brick in the Verti-Crete Wall

There's no denying the charm of exposed natural brick.  It's an elegant balance between modern industrial and rustic chic.  Fired clay brick has been used throughout North America for hundreds of years.  But the cost and maintenance of brick have made it less competitive than precast.  Verti-Crete precast walls are also...

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Verti-Block Half-Steps

Verti-Block's genius lies in getting more for less.  Larger blocks that weigh less than solid blocks the same size.  Setting more square footage per day by handling fewer blocks.  By including Verti-Block's Half-Step block series you now get even more for less.  The Half-Step series includes a 1'x4'x2' deep corner block that can soften the step down...

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The Other Side of Verti-Block

Earning Extra Credit

The Kingstec Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College got some extra credit last year with the addition of a new Verti-BlockTM retaining wall.  The college had an existing segmental block wall in the middle of campus that was beginning to fail.  With traffic and salt exposure the ailing CMU wall was deteriorating sooner than expected.  The design team decided the most appropriate replacement would be a wet cast big block -- strong enough to handle the load, attractive enough to enhance the campus.

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Verti-Crete Walls Climbing Up & Over

Like most precasters, Verti-Crete’s founders began precasting wall panels in horizontal steel beds. Our process “evolved”, however (excuse the pun) into a vertical position, at first to accommodate customer demands for a double-sided wall. What we developed in the process was a system that not only achieved the desired “look” but did so in an extraordinarily efficient way.

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Verti-Block Lets The Light In

In Salt Lake City, Owell Precast is improving home values by using Verti-Block to hold back the earth and let the light in…to the basement.  Utah is known for having large families, so basements have become important living space for single family homes.  A walkout basement allows for convenient access to the backyard and improves the flow of traffic when your teenagers invite all their friends over to eat all your steak (Napoleon Dynamite reference).  A terraced egress enhanced with the beauty of Verti-Block also lets in more natural sunlight and improves the view from inside out.

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Looking For A Sign

Verti-Crete precast fencing integrates seamlessly with even the trickiest parts of the wall job like entrances and dumpster enclosures.  Since both panel and column can be installed in varying heights and angles they can accommodate curved entrances and adjust for visibility clearance.  With the natural look of real stone they serve as an elegant backdrop for molded concrete logos and lettering or decorative iron when mounted in front.  The result is a stunning monument that will last for decades. 

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Verti-Block is Lowering Costs While Raising the Bar

Carving a Niche

The Courtyard Marriott in Oneonta, NY now sits nestled into a hillside overlooking the city.  But not long ago the site looked very different.  The lot was considered by many to be unbuildable land which suited the city’s planning commission just fine.  But thanks to a persistent owner, a cooperative city council and an innovative retaining wall system the hill is now home to a beautiful new hotel.

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If Bigger is Better, then Too Much is Just Right!

Spanning the Distance

Verti-Crete’s innovative vertical battery mold technology has revolutionized the way precasters make sound walls.  From residential privacy walls that increase homeowner value and security to interstate highway sound attenuation walls that silence the roar of speeding traffic, Verti-Crete walls are leading the way.

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Creek Turnpike Widening

The Creek Turnpike in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA) is enjoying a new expansion from Memorial Drive to Highway 75.  The freeway is not only wider but also more quiet and attractive thanks to a new Verti-Crete sound wall supplied by Arrowhead Precast.   

Verti-Crete and Arrowhead worked closely with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) and the project engineer, SAIC Engineering Group, to develop a specification for the project.  It needed to both enhance the area and reduce sound emission to satisfy local residents.  “The OTA was also really concerned about the staining process...

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Verti-Block Retaining Wall Sends Timbers Down The River

Set alongside the scenic Raisin River, Comstock Park in Adrian, Michigan, is a popular recreation spot for residents. Its stunning water fountains and lush flower gardens provide a beautiful entry into Adrian’s downtown. A failing retaining wall along the banks of the river within the park, however, had not only become an eyesore but also a safety hazard for the city. Built in 1974, the roughly 470-foot-long timber-and-steel-beam wall was deteriorating: the wood planks were beginning to rot, and the wall was tipping. City officials knew it was time to find a solution for this unique retaining wall—which is constantly in contact with water—in Comstock Park.

In early 2012, the city of Adrian contracted with Rowe Professional Services, headquartered in Flint, Michigan, to perform a study of options to replace the ailing wall. The new wall would not only need to be able to handle actively flowing water but also contain the river during high periods of water and ensure the bank’s stability. While several options for the wall were considered, including replacing it with new timber, steel-sheet piling, or cast-in-place concrete, the city opted to use a precast segmental block system, due to its cost-effectiveness, durability, and ease of installation, and asked Rowe to recommend a product. The Verti-Block Retaining Wall System was at the top of Rowe’s list. Based on previous experience with Verti-Block, Rowe was familiar with the stand-out quality of their products and the ingenuity of their engineering. They also knew Verti-Block would provide the longevity and flexibility necessary for this project. 

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Verti-Crete in Russia

In 2012, Verti-Crete welcomed Sergey Ustinov in Moscow, Russia as its first Licensed Producer in the Russian Federation.  Russia is the world’s 8th largest economy and has the largest deposits of mineral and energy resources.  Like a sleeping giant woken from its communist rule in 1991, the Russian Economy has grown as its entrepreneurs learn to apply the principles of capitalism to the vast resources the country has to offer.  Verti-Crete of Moscow is taking advantage of that growth and the demand for a more durable and attractive fencing option. 

Take a look at the new website for VC Moscow:

Moscow is enormous.  With over eleven million residents, it’s the most populous city in all of Europe. Everything is built to a large scale...

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Love Your Rubber

The gorgeous textures that make Verti-Crete walls so natural are possible because of the wonder of polyurethane. Our ability now to mold common concrete into unlimited combinations of stone, stucco, ribs, fins or even wood can put a smile on the face of the pickiest architect.

True innovation creates value, it doesn’t just reallocate it. Making something new and more useful from something old or useless is what fuels economic progress. Rockefeller built the foundation of his oil empire on the refinement of petroleum into kerosene for lamps. Ironically, gasoline was an unwanted byproduct at that time. Applying it to the automobile engine not only solved a disposal problem, it enabled massive new industries and dramatically changed the way we travel and live our lives. It also did a little bit for Rockefeller’s net worth!

Polyurethane is also a petroleum product. While first developed in the 1930’s, the key ingredients... 

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Precasters Leveling the Field with Verti-Block

A wall is a wall is a wall, right? In the world of earth retaining, there has always been this basic equation: to hold back more earth, you need a bigger wall. Greater force equals more concrete. But precasters around the world are beginning to offer a much more interesting answer.

Carolina Ready Mix of Asheville, North Carolina, U.S.A., is just one of many producers to challenge the status quo with an innovative retaining block system that actually lowers costs while improving aesthetics. Their adoption of the Verti-BlockTM retaining wall system has opened up new opportunities for the business—and is delivering results their customers and property owners love.

A solid way to expand a precast business

Carolina Ready Mix began searching for a precast block alternative as more customers requested a decorative surface in place of the plain, solid blocks the company had been producing. “We looked at a few installations...

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