The Patented Verti-Crete Mold & Form System

The difference in Verti-Crete products stands out—quite literally. Unlike most precast manufacturing which involves pouring cement mixture into flat molds, the Verti-Crete Stacker System stands upright. By pouring concrete into vertical forms, only Verti-Crete is able to create precast panels that are patterned on both sides and posts and concrete blocks that have smooth, continuous corners. In addition, the vertical alignment of forms allows the concrete to settle more efficiently. There are fewer bubbles, making the final product more attractive as well as more structurally sound.

The Verti-Crete Stacker mold and form systems are patent pending and only available to licensed Verti-Crete producers. To find a licensee in your area, click here to see a global map of Verti-Crete manufacturers. If you are interested in becoming a licensed producer, request more information here or call us at 801-571-2028.