The Value of Precast Concrete Products

Precast products from Verti-Crete are a great value now—and down the road. For starters, precast concrete is an affordable option to many construction materials such as wood, vinyl, or stone masonry. Beyond the material costs, Verti-Crete products are designed for easy installation. Our walls require fewer footings than competitive products. And overall, Verti-Crete products involve less labor, less equipment, and ultimately less cost.

But the value lasts long past the up-front costs. Because Verti-Crete products are so durable, there’s rarely a need for maintenance or repair. The products won’t fade in the sun and can withstand harsh weather changes, so they’ll stay looking great. An investment in Verti-Crete products is one property owners are sure to be happy with for decades to come.

Learn more about the unique way Verti-Crete products are manufactured, or see photos of the many ways contractors and property owners have put Verti-Crete products to use.