Easy Precast Wall Installation

One of the things Verti-Crete customers like most about our walls is what they don't see—such as a construction crew and equipment on their property for weeks on end. The installation of Verti-Crete precast products is amazingly quick.

Simple and solid wall installation

Forget the hassle of precisely digging, maneuvering, and setting traditional H-posts for precast walls. Our precast posts are installed over concrete footings with rebar anchors. After the footings are set, these hollow-core posts are placed over the rebar to rest firmly on each concrete base. Verti-Crete precast concrete panels are then set in place to fit securely within notches cast into the posts. After each section is squared up and level, the columns are filled with concrete to secure the connection between post and footing. This process results in a faster installation, and an even and more stable fence system.

Minimal equipment and training

In addition, Verti-Crete panel and post installations can be accomplished with an all-terrain forklift—a much easier alternative than a crane for gaining access on any type of site. To complete the job, Verti-Crete walls and fence posts can be stained to complement the theme of the property. Staining is easy and can be handled by a small crew who can color finish up to 1,000 linear feet per day.

Flexible for any environment

Verti-Crete concrete panels and posts can be installed in any type of landscaping—hilly, flat, and even in relatively tight quarters. Plus, our wall configurations easily conform to residential and commercial specifications.

Click here to see Verti-Crete wall specifications or engineering drawings, or learn about the durability of our precast products.