Precast Trash Enclosures

Trash cans and Dumpsters are a necessity, but one that no one wants to look at. Surrounding them with flimsy chain link or vinyl fencing doesn’t do much to soften the view.

Verti-Crete precast panels, however, can create an effective, attractive way to conceal trash receptacles around commercial buildings, at parks, and in residential communities or yards.

Our concrete panels and columns are available in a variety of precast designs and may be custom stained to complement the surrounding architecture. A concrete trash enclosure provides the ultimate durability and is easily cleaned with water without fear of wear or color loss. A gate may also be added to a Verti-Crete enclosure for added security, if desired.

See the precast designs that can make any garbage area enclosure more attractive, and visit our photo gallery to see these and other applications of Verti-Crete precast products.