Commercial Sound Walls

Verti-Crete has the expertise and superior production system to make your next commercial sound wall project a resounding success. From precise engineering to insights on greater cost efficiencies, a beautiful custom Verti-Crete concrete sound wall is a great solution.

Ideal sound walls for municipalities and DOT’s

Whether surrounding a business area, protecting a roadway, or providing a privacy fence for nearby residents, our precast concrete walls are an excellent choice. Verti-Crete walls are extremely effective in reducing noise. Plus, we utilize a unique high-grade polyurethane, making our walls stronger and appropriate for high-traffic areas.

Cooperation in sound wall engineering and design

Verti-Crete commercial sound walls can be designed to use footings or standard H posts with lengths up to 24' and heights up to 16'. We also create concrete columns customized to your protrusion, spacing, and height specifications. For projects with unconventional requirements, Verti-Crete experts can assist with engineering and design needs to meet your specifications.

Sound walls that are cost efficient

The patented Stacker System is designed not only to create beautiful, two-sided walls, but to maximize efficiency. We’re able to produce panels and columns with very little waste and with a very quick turnaround. And since several hundred feet of Verti-Crete prescast concrete walls can be installed per day, you’ll reduce your overall production and installation costs. We’ll help keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Sound wall looks to love

Verti-Crete precast has a variety of standard stone patterns that may be integrated into your sound wall design. We also have the unique capability to develop custom concrete molds to incorporate city logos, landscape scenes, graphics of people, animals, and more.

See our selection of precast designs. And be sure to visit our photo gallery to see how truly beautiful a precast sound wall can be.