Verti-Crete Retaining Walls

With Verti-Crete precast products, the same concrete panel used for a privacy fence can also serve as a retaining wall. This creates efficiencies in production that lead to greater cost savings, but first and foremost it creates a consistency in your project that no other product can offer.

Continuity in retaining wall and fencing

With the many variants in landscape terrain, design, and engineering needs, it’s not uncommon to require a retaining wall and fence in the same project. With Verti-Crete products, you can use the very same panel to achieve both.

A Verti-Crete licensee will pour the retaining wall to your specifications, generally making slight modifications to the panel thickness, footings, and steel reinforcements. This precast panel can then be used to retain as much as 8 feet of earth behind an 8-foot unit. Verti-Crete panels are engineered to provide the strength and durability a retaining walls requires. Plus, it can seamlessly join with other Verti-Crete panels that are acting as stand-alone walls and privacy fencing.

The result is a continuous flow of the same texture and material, adding to the beauty (and practicality) of your surroundings.

See examples of Verti-Crete panels used as retaining walls in our photo gallery now.