Public Utility Walls

With the responsibility of building electrical substations, water treatment plants, sewage treatment and other facilities, municipalities and private organizations are conscious of the safety, durability, and aesthetics of the property’s perimeter. Verti-Crete concrete walls provide an ideal, cost-effective option.

A practical choice for public utilities

Inherently strong and durable, Verti-Crete precast walls are a preferable option to chain link or wood fencing. The walls can be built to a height of your specification not only to conceal facilities, but to protect them as well as the residents in surrounding areas.

An attractive option to residents

In addition to their strength and solidity, Verti-Crete concrete walls are an attractive option—in more ways than one. Like all our precast products, Verti-Crete panels come in a variety of beautiful designs and custom coloring to enhance the local area. Neighbors of these facilities as well as passers-by will appreciate the aesthetics as well as the wall’s effectiveness as a sound barrier, when applicable.

In addition, Verti-Crete precast walls are a very cost-effective option. They are inexpensive to produce, require little or no maintenance, and deliver true long-term value to a public fund expenditure.

See examples of public utility walls in our photo gallery here.

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