Precast Pillars, Columns and Mailbox Posts

Verti-Crete is most renowned for our double-sided precast wall panels. However, our seamless posts and columns provide an equally beautiful look for fencing treatments beyond solid privacy walls.

Attractive concrete columns from every angle

Only Verti-Crete columns are poured into a seamless, vertical mold, so the stone texture is never interrupted. There are no sloppy edges as on posts poured the traditional flat method. Our concrete pillars and columns look realistic from every perspective.

Versatile for many uses

Perfect for use as fence posts, Verti-Crete columns add a solid, elegant presence when paired with wrought iron fencing. They can also act as attractive accents to commercial or residential development signage. Many homeowners complete the look of their landscaping with a mailbox post poured to match their Verti-Crete fencing.

See the many uses of Verti-Crete concrete columns in our photo gallery and view the available precast designs.