Concrete Stain

Verti-Crete recommends our own private-label brand of concrete stain called Stone FX stain. Stone FX is a water-based acrylic coating designed for superior penetration into concrete. It ensures moisture proofing, color stability, and ultraviolet resistance. When properly applied it will not discolor, peel, crack, or blister.

You can achieve beautiful, custom colors and shading by applying Stone FX stain in multiple coats. This will also correct natural color imperfections in concrete surfaces. Stone FX will impart a uniform color on all forms of concrete including precast, poured, and glass-fiber-reinforced, as well as brick, stucco, and stone surfaces. Its water-based composition makes it easy to use. Stone FX is solvent-free, odor- free, and safe on interior surfaces. Stone FX stains comply with all VOC regulations.

» Download the Stone FX stain data sheet
» Download the Stone FX stain color chart and application information
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