Custom Concrete Staining by Verti-Crete

To achieve the final effect of real stone, Verti-Crete walls are colored with Stone-FX™ Stain, a water-based acrylic structural concrete stain designed for superior penetration into concrete. Stone-FX™ Stain ensures moisture proofing, color stability, and ultraviolet resistance. When properly applied it will not discolor, peel, crack, or blister. 

After installation, a base color is applied with an airless spray gun.  Then accent colors are applied in layers with a sponge to bring out the natural stone textures and achieve the final affect of real masonry.  Its water-based composition makes it easy to use and easy on the environment. Stone-FX™ Stain is solvent-free, odor-free, and safe on all vertical concrete surfaces. 

Download Stone-FX™ Information:

> Download the VC-Stain data sheet 
> Download the VC-Stain color chart and application information

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