Territory Protection for Verti-Crete licensees

Verti-Crete concrete forming systems are sold only to approved licensees who gain a defined geographic territory. As a licensee, you'll purchase your proprietary equipment plus pay an annual licensing fee. In return, you receive the exclusive rights to produce Verti-Crete precast panel and post products in your area. Moreover, you are free to sell wherever you choose. You may also utilize the Verti-Crete name, logo and other trademarked assets to customize your own marketing materials. Since Verti-Crete concrete forming systems are proprietary, you'll have access to an exclusive precast product whose beauty and value customers will recognize and demand.

Review the benefits of the Verti-Crete patented precast system or the ROI it can bring to your company.

To learn more about becoming a Verti-Crete licensee, request information here, or call us at 801-571-2028.