Patented Precast Systems from Verti-Crete

The Verti-Crete Stacker Systems are unlike any other precast concrete forming methods, both in the way they work and in the premium precast products they create. Verti-Crete licensees enjoy three key benefits by using our proprietary forming systems:

The highest quality precast products

Verti-Crete systems produce beautiful concrete walls, pillars, fence posts, and window wells with the distinctive look of stone masonry.
•    Two-sided walls and seamless columns
•    Sold at a fraction of the cost of stone or brick
•    Precast walls are more durable than masonry, vinyl or wood fencing
•    Wall installation is fast and does not require cranes
•    All precast products are custom stainable to customers' specifications

The most efficient precast production system

The most unique characteristic of Verti-Crete Stacker Systems is that our molds are poured vertically, allowing double-sided patterns.
•    Concrete panels are poured back to back in a patented battery design
•    Produce up to 960 square feet of wall in a 10' x 14' area
•    Use half the labor compared to traditional horizontal steel beds
•    Our streamlined precast production process minimizes error and improves efficiencies

High margins of profitability

Proprietary Verti-Crete walls, pillars, window wells and other precast products command exceptional margins for our licensed precast producers.
•    Minimal investment in labor and site space
•    Pour up to 2,600 linear feet per month with our Panel Stacker
•    Use return concrete for pouring columns or window wells

Read more about the excellent return on investment you can expect from becoming a Verti-Crete licensee.

To learn about becoming a Verti-Crete licensee, request information here, or call us at 801-571-2028.