Verti-Crete Licensee Return on Investment

Adding Verti-Crete concrete walls and fencing posts to your existing precast business is an easy step. Besides being a natural extension of what you may already do, adding Verti-Crete to your business can be a smart financial investment.

Improve your precast production efficiency

Our vertically oriented concrete forming Stacker Systems require a minimal footprint in your yard and are simple and easy to use. The efficiency of the forming system allows you to pour 8-10 concrete panels and 10 wall or fencing posts per day—that's up to 2,600 linear feet per month.

Lower your operation costs

Because you can use return concrete in the Verti-Crete system, you’ll have less waste in your business. The ease of forming, installing, and staining Verti-Crete precast products will keep your labor costs low. And because no heavy-duty equipment is required for transporting and installation of panels, you’ll be able to maximize your current vehicles.

A brand name that can increase your exposure

Verti-Crete is committed to supporting our licensees in every way. In addition to technical and engineering assistance, you’ll appreciate the value the Verti-Crete name brings to your business. Verti-Crete actively promotes its products in industry publications, trade shows, and more; we also showcase our licensees. Customers and contractors are seeing Verti-Crete—and asking for it by name, and with that demand, set your return on investment can become very clear.

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To learn more about becoming a Verti-Crete licensee, request information here, or call us at 801-571-2028.